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Why I quite my job, and I am actually happy about it.

So I recently quit my job and filled in the below short survey for a friend who is doing an MBA. He said it made him late for work because he had to finish reading it, which made me smile so I thought I would share it with you. As always let me know your thoughts.

Job title: xxxxxxxx (soon to be a Teacher)

Length of service with the company: 5 years 7 months

1. What initially attracted you to the job?

I wanted to make a difference and being from limited financial means I knew firstly I needed a “good” job. A white collar profession seemed a good fit combined with personality profiles saying that the role fit my abilities only second to been a teacher, however I wanted to experience something other than education to gain some first-hand experience of a different sector ahead of going back into education to help others.

1.a What changed & why?

The environment did change with me losing some good friends and work colleagues; however the majority of my change was internal. Around a year ago I started a bet with some work colleagues that I would have a six pack within 6 months, by striving for this achievement through daily habit changes I slowly saw a significant amount of weight loss (around 50 pounds) not hitting the goal within the deadline (but getting close) I was still left with a sense of accomplishment within my personal life and could see the benefit of a similar approach to my work, so I started taking chances, looking for opportunities to improve my knowledge and really assess the role I was playing in other people’s lives.

2. What initially attracted you to the company?

Hays were the first recruitment agency I interviewed at and although I got other interviews I really liked my direct line manager David, he made me feel so welcome and really highlighted the benefits of working with the business, because of the career prospects and fact you get to make a difference.

2.a What changed & why?

Other than the people moving on, nothing has changed, it is the same PLC FTSE 250 Company that I joined, and that is kind of the problem — I don’t want the organisation I leave to be the same as it was when I started and not just because of the passage through time. I want to have the positive impact upon it and most importantly the people that work in, for, and with the company.

3. Describe your expectations of the environment prior to starting:

Busy call centre, I would get to wear a suit!

3.a Describe how the actual environment differed from your expectations:

Slightly less busy call centre, I got to wear a suit, but quickly learned I didn't always have to wear a tie.

4. How often did you get feedback on your performance from your manager?

Initially a lot, when I changed roles less direct feedback

4.a What type of feedback was it generally?

Lately feedback has mainly been indirect through team conference calls and ratings versus other teams & regions.

5. How often did you get feedback from your customers?

Not as often as I used to, we did get customers coming back and telling us what good service they had had previously, but even proactively we were more a bother to them, rather than helping them.

5.a What type of feedback was it generally?

Mixed, some liked our service; others didn't in favour of a cheaper, in-house or more specialist alternative.

6. What key goals were set?

A date to call back to review or alternatively a deal for further work

6.a Who set them?

Both myself and the customer

6.b Did you achieve them?

Generally yes, I always strove so that very few campaigns weren't effective.

6.c Did you view your goals as too easy, right level or too hard?

Right level

7. In your opinion were financial rewards fair and evenly distributed?

As far as I can see yes, seems very meritocratic

8. In your opinion were non-financial rewards fair and evenly distributed?

There were few rewards; however those that there were seemed evenly split.

9. In your opinion were promotions fair and evenly distributed?

Generally, everyone who got promoted deserved it for their efforts

10. Did you view your work either as: (1) A job (means to an end), (2) Career (to progress) or (3) your calling (personal meaning & not a separate task in life)?

I saw it as a Career, somewhere I could get ahead but not necessarily what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. I always knew I’d go back into something that more closely helps others.

11. How much impact did your job have on other people (customers) and why?

I did help them, but it didn't seem to be in a big picture meaningful way.

12. How much do you feel your actions in your job were valued and why?

I felt I was an integral part of the business, through recognition and prestige; it was just that the work we were performing wasn't of the greatest benefit.

13. Please describe your main reason for leaving the company:

I could see my future mapped out and I didn't think I was benefiting the world, other people and myself through adding value to other people’s lives and being the best role model for other people I can be.

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